Parish Ministry

Outreach to the Sick and Home bound

The priest makes regular home visits. If you would like a visit or know someone who would, please call the office.

The priest will be happy to visit anyone who is hospitalized . Please call the office to let the priest know there is a need. 

There is a Mass celebrated at Elm Crest Nursing Home twice a month.

There are Eucharistic Ministers who take communion to the home bound, to the hospital, and to those in Elm Crest and the County Care Facility on Sundays.

There is a communal anointing of the sick twice a year.

One of the weekend Masses is recorded every week and broadcast on cable television. (On HMU Channel 25 at 4:00 on Sunday—and on Mediacom Channel 18 at 4:00 on Monday)



The priest or deacon is ready to help anyone who needs information about annulments or who would like help in petitioning for an annulment.