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Become a Registered Member of the Parish

Becoming a registered member of the parish is a very simple process. If you are a baptized Catholic, you simply need to contact the parish office at 755-5244. Most of the basic information can be done over the phone. You do need to live in the area in order to be registered here. Also, you need to register when you reach adulthood.Registration at St. Michael's does not transfer from your former parish so it is necessary to inform that parish you are no longer a member there. 

Arrange a Baptism

The baptism of a child begins with the active participation of at least one parent in the Catholic Church. The parent(s) of the child need to be registered member(s) of St. Michael’s. If you live elsewhere but would like to have a child baptized at St. Michael's, you need to be a registered member in a parish where you live.  You will also need to provide a letter from your pastor giving the priest or deacon at St. Michael's permission to do the baptism.

First-time parents need to attend a special baptism preparation session prior to scheduling a baptism. This session covers the ritual, the meanings, and the expectations of parents as they relate to baptism. This session is conducted by the pastor, and will be arranged with him at a time convenient for both parties.

To schedule a baptism, contact the parish office. Arrangements will be made with the priest or deacon. Baptisms are not usually allowed during Lent.

Arrange a Wedding at St. Michael's

Preparations for getting married at St. Michaels’s need to begin at least six months prior to the date of the wedding. You may be married at St. Michael’s if you are a registered member here or if you are a registered member elsewhere but want to get married here.

Begin by calling the office and request to talk with a priest or deacon. We want to help you through both the marriage-preparation process as well as the wedding-preparation process. This includes helping you through the marriage-preparation process for an interfaith wedding which may be held in the church of the non-Catholic party. This also includes helping anyone with the annulment process, if an annulment is needed because of a previous marriage involving either party.

Arrange a Funeral Mass

When a loved one dies and you want to have a Mass of Christian Burial at St. Michael's, you need to contact both the funeral home and the church. The priest will assist in arranging the time and place of the wake and Mass of Christian Burial.  The funeral home will take care of other details. Music arrangements should be made through the church. St. Michael's Ladies Guild will provide a luncheon in the Rosman Center after the funeral, if desired.